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therapy of Hemorrhoid grade 4 based on Iranian Traditional Medicine: Case Report (12559 Downloads)
Semiology and management of heart failure according to Traditional Persian Medicine views (11539 Downloads)
Comparison of Garlic and Rifampin Consumption in Treatment and Recurrence of Brucellosis (11536 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of the Effects of Cumin and Mefenamic Acid Capsules on Secondary Dysmenorrhea Due to IUD: A Randomized Triple Blind Clinical Trial (10679 Downloads)
The Opinion and Views of Rhaze,s, Avicenna,s and Jorjani,s Views on Fertility and Infertility (9735 Downloads)
Effect of BL32 and GB21 acupressure on labor pain in the first stage of labor (7213 Downloads)
Comparison of the effect of perineal massage with lavender essential oil with just massage on Episiotomy and laceration (6981 Downloads)
Apoptotic Effect of milk thistle extract on human breast cancer MCF-7 cell (6847 Downloads)
Impacts of Journaling on Anxiety and stress in Multiple Sclerosis patients (6621 Downloads)
The comparison between the effects of aromatherapy with lavender and reathing techniques on the reduction of labor pain (6566 Downloads)
Frequency of using complementary and alternative medicine in patients with Type II diabetes in Isfahan in 2013 (6393 Downloads)
Investigation on the effect of Walnut leaves aqueous extract, Allium schoenoprasum extract and Tribulus terrestris Extract on glucuos level in diabetic rats (6306 Downloads)
The Effect of Fenugreek and Flaxseed on Menopausal Hot Flash (5805 Downloads)
Investigating the Effect of Milk - Dodder on Emotional, Cognitive, Behavioral and Physical Components of Anxiety (5660 Downloads)
Investigating the Effect of “Citrus Aurantium” Aroma on Sleep Quality of Patients Hospitalized in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) (4970 Downloads)
The effect of Acupressure on Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting among School age Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (4638 Downloads)
The effect of progressive muscle relaxation on insomnia severity of hemodialysis patients (4563 Downloads)
study of Vitex Agnus Castus and Evening Primrose oil on Body Mass Index (4478 Downloads)
The Study of the Olive Oil Effect on the Second Degree Burn in the Experimental Mice (4426 Downloads)
Investigating the Effect of Pilates Exercises on Anxiety in Women with Diabetes type II (4404 Downloads)
The effect of Poetry therapy on the cognitive status in elderly residents of a nursing home (4399 Downloads)
Efficacy of complementary therapies in reduction of chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting in breast cancer patients: Systematic review (4327 Downloads)
Comparing the effect of Echinacea and chlorhexidine mouthwash on oral health in patients hospitalized in intensive care units (4218 Downloads)
The Effect of counseling with spirituality approach on Hope in patients with chronic renal failure (4069 Downloads)
The effect of geranium tea on menopausal symptoms (4022 Downloads)
Determination of in vitro total phenolic, flavonoid contents and antioxidant capacity of the methanolic extract of Echium amoenum L. (4007 Downloads)
Antinociceptive and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Matricaria Chamomilla L. in Male Mice (3968 Downloads)
Effect of aloe vera gel, compared to 1% silver sulfadiazine cream on second-degree burn wound healing (3827 Downloads)
The Effects of Evening Primrose and Vitex Agnus on Pain Scale of the Women with Cyclic Mastalgia A Clinical Trial (3751 Downloads)
effect of apple vinegar and honey combination on lowering levels of blood lipids (3670 Downloads)
Comparison of the effects of aromatherapy with essential oils of damask rose and hot footbath on the first stage of labor anxiety in Nulliparous women (3602 Downloads)
Effect of massage with aromatic oils on pruritus relief in hemodialysis patients (3571 Downloads)
The effect of Myrtus Communism leave extract cream on wound healing process in Wistar rats (3553 Downloads)
Effect of sage extract on hot flashes in postmenopausal women (3543 Downloads)
Effect of acupressure on severity of pain in women with multiple sclerosis (MS). (3540 Downloads)
Effect of oral Royal jelly on edema of premenstrual syndrome (3529 Downloads)
The Effect of The Effect of Ginkgo biloba extract on sexual activity in 50 – 60 years menopausal women (3523 Downloads)
Acupressure effect on sleep quality in menopausal women (3392 Downloads)
Effect of Tavassol prayer on mental health of second year nursing students of School of Nursing (3361 Downloads)
Comparison of the effects of Hypericum and Vitex agnus premenstrual syndrome compared with vitamin E: a randomized clinical trial (3235 Downloads)
The effect of magnesium on premenstrual syndrome in the women (3149 Downloads)
Comparing of the effect of reflexive and stroke massages on physiologic indices in patients with MI (3066 Downloads)
The effect of aromatherapy with rose oil on primary dysmenorrhea (3027 Downloads)
The effect of therapeutic touch on anxiety patients with irritable bowel syndrome (2998 Downloads)
Relationship of spiritual health with attitude to spirituality and spiritual care in hemodialysis patients the city of Bam (2995 Downloads)
Effect of valerian and Starch on Uncomfortable Breathing, Coughing and Snoring during Usual Sleep Habit in 50- 60 years old women in Tehran (2978 Downloads)
The effect of Aloevera gel on prineal pain & wound healing after episiotomy (2973 Downloads)
The effect of eight weeks endurance training with Whey protein supplementation on serum Leptin, Testosterone to Cortisol ratio, Lipid profile and body composition in obese male students (2963 Downloads)
Comparison the effect of evening primrose oil and vitamin E on premenstrual syndrome (2949 Downloads)
Effect of Cinnamon on HbA1c in Type 2 Diabetes Patients (2949 Downloads)
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